Reasons Why You Should Play Harvest Moon Again

Harvest Moon is readily available on your smartphone right now, but you most likely had played it years and years ago. It’s a legendary game where you can easily get addicted, so why not replay the game again? This time, use your smartphone to play this role-playing and simulation game instead of using the PlayStation. […]

Let’s Enjoy the Beat with These Musical Games

Music is an important part of the game as the sounds in the game can revive the atmosphere when you play. Musical games began to exist as games with music as the main element. These games will need your ears to be sensitive to the tone and tempo in music. Several mobile games have also […]

Data and Information Quality Issues

A universal concern with all information systems must be the quality of the data contained within them, hence, the well-known adage of the computer age: garbage in, garbage out. Nevertheless, it should be recognized that “errors and uncertainty are facts of life in all information systems” (Openshaw, 1989). The process of describing aspects of reality […]

Cartographic Processing in GIS

MacDougall (1975), writing in the context of paper maps, provided an early warning of what to expect from cartographic processing in GIS: “It is quite possible that map overlays by their very nature are so inaccurate as to be useless and perhaps misleading for planning.” The concern was that maps, whilehaving individually adequate planimetric accuracy […]

Role of GIS in Data Integration

In 1991, digital maps of rural areas were not available. Typically, paper topographic maps are themselves prepared in layers with separate masters for contours, detail (roads, buildings, streams), symbols, and annotation (e.g., place names). Therefore, it was possible to go back to original masters, choose only the contours and the detail layers, which could then […]

Coastal Oil Spill Modeling

Coastal oil spills are serious environmental disasters often leading to significant long-term impacts. From 1978 to 1995, there were in excess of 4,100 major oil spills of 10,000 gallons or more (Etkin and Welch, 1997). There has, however, been a downward trend in the number of major incidences from a peak in 1991, but with […]

Cluster Detection

In broad terms, GIS have provided environmental modelers with an ideal platform for spatial data integration, parameter estimation, and cartographic visualization, while environmental modeling has allowed GIS profession als to move beyond simple inventory and thematic mapping activities (Sui and Maggio, 1999). In practice, the degree of integration between the two technologies has tended to […]

An Over-Simplification of the Issues

The types of coupling discussed in the previous section really only represent technical solutions as to how GIS and an environmental simulation model can share the same data rather than being integrated in terms of achieving compatible views of the world. In other words, this type of coupling has not necessarily led to an improvement […]